We encourage you to stop into our 1200sq ft showroom at 721 Kings Road Where Our professional sales staff have extensive knowledge and diving experience.

We pride ourselves on being Victoria’s premiere full service dive shop. Our team contains a knowledgable staff with a long history of the dive industry. Frank Whites Dive Store is a PADI 5 Star, full service Scuba shop. We offer a full range of experience including; Gear sales, Service, Rental and Instruction. At Frank Whites we service major brands of scuba equipment alongside teaching PADI dive courses.

Meet Our Team


Fave Dive Site: Arbutus Island

With a 15 year history working in business to business dive sales Eric is our expert on gear. He is a commercial diver by trade as well as a PADI certified instructor and a PFI trained Free Diver. Stop in a meet Eric for a chat that will get you excited to start diving today!


Fave Dive Site: Ogden point

Starting out at Frank Whites by taking his PADI Instructor course, Howie quickly grew from shop instructor, to shop tech. You will now find him in on early mornings to make sure all your gear is taken care of and up to date!


Fave Dive Site: Henderson Point

Landing from the UK in 2019, Chris started diving thru the shop for fun and quickly decided to make it his career. He completed his Instructor courses within the year to become a PADI certified instructor here at the shop. With a passion for Photography + diving we are grateful to have Chris on board.


Fave Dive Site: Mckenzie Bight

Born by the harbour in Ilha Formosa, Yuli was destined to live a water-ful life. Always striving for better and more, she joined the team with ambition to manifest women's empowerment in diving. Once getting to know her, you just might hear this hysterical laugh coming from the smallest human on the team...NOOT! NOOT!

Thai Piff

Our History

Frank Whites Dive store was founded in 1956; and we have been diving the depths of the Pacific Northwest ever since.