Anti-Fog Gel | Sea Gold


De-fog foggy dive masks when snorkeling or diving with Sea Gold Anti-Fog Gel. Gear Aid's highly concentrated perfected formula lasts longer than other anti-fog treatments and will get you through multiple dives with just one treatment. Good for any water temperature.

Avid scuba divers, instructors, and professional gear testers alike agree: Sea Gold is their anti-fog treatment of choice.  

  • Intended Use – Ideal for glass and plastic dive and scuba masks/lenses
  • Instructions for use – Rub a single drop of this concentrated formula on the inside lens and rinse for instant fog-free lenses in any water temperature.
  • Long Lasting – Enjoy clear vision for hours; it’s effective even after multiple dives and it won’t harm silicone or rubber mask frames
  • Exclusions – Not for use on swim goggles or eye glasses
  • Size - 1.25 fl oz
  • Made in the USA