Gara Modular Fin & Foot Pocket

By Cressi



The manufacturer Cressi was at the forefront of innovation with the thermoplastic rubber-blade foot pocket. They also pioneered the use of thermally fused elements made of three different materials to enhance the transmission of effort. In response to the demand for removable blades made of carbon or other materials, Cressi has developed the new Gara Modular. This innovative design offers the flexibility to experiment with various material compositions while maintaining the high standard of quality and features that Cressi is known for.




A modern multi compound joining process is used to construct the self-adjusting foot pocket, providing both comfort and suppleness in desired areas while maintaining stiffer compounds under the foot pocket and heel for better power transfer. Compared to other models in the Gara fin series, Gara Modular offers a wider foot pocket. It is suggested to wear neoprene socks for a proper fit, and for use without them, it is recommended to purchase a smaller size.




Experience improved kick performance in temperate waters with the new insole for Gara Modular fins. This semi-rigid insole is made of completely recycled material and is supplied as a pair (right and left foot) with pre-printed guidelines for cutting into three different sizes. Additionally, all fin components are available separately.