Zipper Lubricant


Keep zippers running smoothly with GEAR AID Zipper Lubricant. This versatile formula protects and extends the lifespan of all types of zippers, from nylon to metal, by shielding them from harsh elements like salt, chlorine, rust, and corrosion. No matter the outdoor gear, a simple application of this non-toxic lubricant will unstick even the toughest zippers. Originally known as Zip Tech and specifically designed for watertight zippers, this multipurpose lubricant is ideal for use on wetsuits, drysuits, and dive gear. Keep your zippers functioning flawlessly and never worry about a stuck zipper again.

  • Powerful – Lubricates zipper teeth and watertight housings for smooth zipping and to prolong zipper life on outdoor gear
  • Protects – Keeps nylon, metal and plastic zippers protected against salt, chlorine, rust and corrosion without toxic chemicals or silicone
  • Field-Tested – High-performing zipper wax formula that does not flake off and ideal for zippers that are in all water temperatures
  • Multipurpose – Use Zipper Lubricant to maintain zippers on tents, Yeti® soft coolers, Jeep® soft tops, drybags, luggage, jackets, and watersports gear
  • Reduces Wear – Rely on this lubricant for worry-free application every time on waterproof zippers on wetsuits, drysuits, and B.C.D. equipment